Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Junk in the Trunk

Okay, I hate that phrase, so I'm giving it a new and much more fun meaning...a fun fun fun family night idea.  I recently came across this blog that set my wheels a turnin'!  I am hoping that throughout this year, I can find at least 24 extraordinary ways to delight and surprise my kids.  I'll scour the web for ideas and hopefully come up with some of my own.  Junk in the Trunk is a product of my own genius *wink*  :o)  

On a beautiful evening after supper but before bed time, have your spouse set up your Junk in the Trunk...that is junk food in the trunk of your car.  Think candy/cupcakes/soda/chocolate milk...anything your kids would consider a special treat.  Have a blanket spread on the ground or camping chairs circled around the trunk.  Shout "JUNK IN THE TRUNK!", and have the kids follow you outside.  Enjoy your treats and the beautiful evening air with your delighted and surprised children.