Thursday, January 6, 2011

Read the Bible in a year with me!

Sooooo....I've tried to read the Bible all the way through several times and failed somewhere in the middle of Genesis.  I found a different kind of schedule here, and I think it's one I can stick to.  Read on to see what I like about it.  I'm a little behind since I waited until today to start, but catch up and follow along with me!  I'd love to have company on this new journey!

 Got my new study bible, an empty journal with pages begging to be filled, and my schedule. 

I like this schedule because it is divided into 4 small readings each day, 2 from the New Testament and 2 from the Old Testament.  For me, these are the perks:

1.  You can finish each reading in only a FEW MINUTES.  If you get interrupted, chances are you can quickly finish up the segment you're on, and then when you come back to finish, you don't have to find your place, re-read the last few verses you read to remind yourself of what you were reading, etc...

2.  It LOOKS like less reading.  I was shocked when I opened my Bible to the first reading and saw how little it was!
"I CAN READ THAT!", I thought. 
So I DID!  Then I turned to the next reading... 
"I CAN READ THAT TOO!" on and so forth!  You're not faced with page upon page upon page this way...only little segments of pages!

3.  You know how when you're reading for a while, your mind starts to wander, and then before you even realize it, you have no idea what you're reading about, and then you have to go back and find the last part that you actually remember and start all over from there?  Surely I'm not the only one with that problem!  This schedule prevents just read a few verses in Matthew, flip over to Acts and read a few there; then to Psalms and Genesis!

I covered the genealogy of Christ, the birth of Christ, creation, and blessed righteousness, and I probably remember more about each of them than I would have if I tried to read from cover to cover!

Comment here if you'll follow along with me, and I'll keep in touch throughout the year!


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  3. Hmm, not sure why my posts deleted. I love your blog! My last post that deleted talked about how you can make your blog into a book. I blog about my girls so eventually I will make in into a book. I know a few people who have done it and it is such an easy way to make up for lack of scrapbooking time :) One day I will have the time for that again!

  4. Now MY comments are getting deleted! Not sure why that is happening! Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and I think that is a GREAT idea about the book! I should probably start a blog just for family stuff...that would be amazing to have as a book!