Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Classroom Closet....Repurp Project

So over the last few years there has emerged a HOT trend to repurpose objects 
to be used for something other than their intended purpose.  
I've seen some VERY NEAT repurped items, and I LOVE the idea of it!  
I just don't seem to have an eye for this sort of project, though :0(  
I have spent hours perusing Craigslist and dragging my kids to every thrift store I can find, and NOTHING.  Well, almost nothing.  I did find this...

Out in the thrift market, there are SO MANY entertainment armoires that once held bulky tube t.v.s 
and these office armoires meant to house and hide an unsightly desktop computer.

Here's what I found.  It was listed as a "hide-a-desk".  
We have turned it into our Classroom Closet, and we love it!
 I was lucky and found this piece that already had a cork board on one side and a white board on the other, so I didn't have to add these myself. 
We use the top for decorate for the seasons or to display books that have to do with our lessons.

 Inside are our arts and crafts supplies, sensory boxes, some of our educational toys,
workbooks, and other teaching materials.

On the left, we have our weather and sight words of the week.
I always have a theme-of-the-week, and I use corresponding words.

 On the right, I use the white board to teach the lessons.  These pictures are from two weeks ago when we did "April Showers" and learned about the water cycle. This lesson was followed by "May Flowers" and we learned about seeds and how they grow.

 There is room for our classroom closet on this tiny wall between our family room and breakfast room.

 Here it is decked out for Christmas. 
I'm gathering things for a 4th of July theme now for upcoming lessons!

The kids love their classroom closet!  They enjoy being able to access their own arts and crafts supplies, and they love our school time!

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