Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cinderella, really, it's okay to enlist your kids as cleaning buddies!

At the risk of sounding like Mrs. Tremaine, I thought I'd post a peek into my kids' cleaning baskets.  Several months ago, the kids became obsessed with cleaning, and I thought I'd take advantage of it before they grew out of that phase!  Off to the Dollar Tree I went, and here is what I came up with...little plastic baskets each containing a soft terry (and oh-so-adorably striped) cloth, a super squishy and stringy sponge, a little hand broom and dust pan, and a squirt bottle with water, a couple of drops of dish soap, and about a capful of white vinegar...oh, and they had Windex wipes which I hijacked for my van's glove box and still need to replace because it was HUGE having the kids wipe their own fingerprints off all the windows!

So this handy dandy little life-saver doesn't fit in the cleaning baskets, but it does have a telescoping handle making it JUST the PERFECT size for my little ones!

The kids' job is to 
1.  use the little brooms to sweep the crumbs off their table and chairs.
2.  use the spray and the rag to clean their eating surfaces.
3.  use the squishy stringy sponge to dust all of the wood surfaces in the living room.
4.  use the Windex wipes to clean as far up as they can reach on the windows in all the rooms where their fingerprints can be found on said windows :0)
5.  use the stick vac to vacuum up the crumbs around their eating areas and the cat's furballs from along the edges of the living areas where they always seem to drift!

They love their jobs and are really good at it!  I DO NOT go back and re-do any of their cleaning work.  I want them really to feel like they have helped me and let them take complete ownership and pride in their work.

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