Monday, December 13, 2010


So I've finally decided as a self-proclaimed do-it-myselfer that I needed to start myself a blog!  Along my journey towards becoming a pro mom (is that even possible?) I've decided to set some goals that are more attainable...a pro blogger?  Seems more likely than becoming a pro mom!  Lots to learn, hops, link parties, and lots of other lessons to pick up on along the way.  Not just blogging lessons either...a while ago (around midnight), I started making a meringue only to realize that it had to bake for an hour and then sit in the warm oven for another 2 hours and then cool to room temperature before being wrapped in Saran wrap and placed in the fridge where it will reside until my Christmas party tomorrow!  So since I'm going to be up until around 3, I thought I'd use the time to create my blog and make my first post!

Now that I've figured those things out, I've just got to figure out how I'm going to get readers over here to check me out!  If you happened to stumble onto my blog, please click "follow"!  I promise I'm full of creative ideas, crafting tips, humorous anecdotes and insight into motherhood, and I can guarantee that more than once, you'll be glad you stopped by!

And that's that!  My first post!  Now, does that meringue really have to sit in the warm oven for another hour?!?!  I am BEAT!

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