Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Would-Be Christmas Desserts

Okay, so I'd like for a portion of my blog to be dedicated to product testing, not in a lab somewhere wearing a white coat and goggles and following some sort of scientific order, but right here in my own house in my own kitchen/laundry room/bathroom etc....For example, what product exists that will remove the Crayola chalk stains from my son's Tae Kwon Do uniform?  Haven't found one yet!  How about chocolate milk?  My kids are currently on chocolate milk restriction right now...for SEVERAL weeks in a row, EVERY time my kids drank chocolate milk it spilled.  Ruined; MANY adorable outfits ruined!  Hopefully I'll find something for stains soon, but this post is about wax paper and Christmas desserts, or would-be Christmas desserts.

I have some recipes that call for having a pan lined with parchment paper to ensure easy removal from the pan after baking.  However, running low on cash for my holiday bash and running out of both parchment paper and wax paper I stand in the aisle of the grocery store comparing labels, wax paper in one hand and parchment in the other.

Notice bullet point number two in that second picture..."easy removal after baking".  Perfect!  I head home with wax paper in hand thinking I have what I need.  (Also notice in the first picture the parchment paper in the drawer that I later went back for.)

Here's my peppermint cream brownie...that WILL NOT come out of the wax paper lined pan.

Here's how it came out...with wax paper melted into it...just lovely.

So my official PDD (Punkin Doodle Dandy) report is that wax paper is not, in fact, a good choice for lining pans for easy removal after baking.  I ruined 4 Christmas desserts this way (had them all prepped with wax paper lining before I started baking, so there was no going back!)...White Cloud (chocolate cream filled meringue), this peppermint cream brownie, melted cinnamon discs (that were to be broken into shards for topping cupcakes), and chocolate decadence cake.

Next time you have baking projects, your safe bet is definitely parchment paper! 


  1. The wax paper works for cakes and breads, but you have to look for it to be called in the recipe, or you end up with the paper stuck on the bottom. If you bake a cake, you can cut out a circle and add it to the bottom, which will make it easier to remove. Sorry your desserts were ruined!

  2. Thanks Jen! So it works specifically for cakes? I tried a chocolate decadence cake in a cake pan, and it melted too, BUT the recipe did call for parchment paper! I suppose we could all do well to learn just to follow the directions sometimes! Thanks for stopping by!