Wednesday, December 22, 2010

So did you wait until the last minute?


I'm one of those people who is D-U-N shopping by the end of the day on Black Friday.  I may pick up a few more odds and ends if I see something a particular someone will love or if I happen to stumble upon a crazy awesome deal, but for the most part, if Christmas surprised us by arriving on the Saturday following Thanksgiving, I'd be ready.  Many, though, are NOT like that at all.  If you have kids and you're one of those people, or if you're just on a shoestring budget, this is for you!

At my playgroup's moms only Christmas party, one of the moms arrived and shared with us an adorable ornament that her son had made at his part-time day care.  It is a hand print ornament which is always precious, and it came with a little poem which makes it even sweeter!

Total project cost for 8 ornaments:  $2  (yes, that's 2 bucks...not a typo; however, I did have a couple of things on hand that I didn't have to buy.  If you have to buy it all, I'd say about $5.)

What you need:

1 sleeve of 8 ornaments in any colour you choose ($1 Dollar Tree, Target dollar bins)
1 "strand" acrylic paint pots; you'll need one black, one white, and one orange at least ($1 JoAnn, Dollar Tree)
1 metallic Sharpie
1 thin paint brush
1 pair scissors
1 paper towel tube

1.  Cut paper towel tube into 8 pieces.  These will be used for drying stands for the ornaments.  (see pic)
2.  Paint childs hand white and have child grasp ornament, leaving a hand print on each.  You'll have to re-paint the hand each time (I did this with a wider brush).  Place each ornament on a "stand" to dry.
3.  Once dry, add embellishments.  Give each snowman a face and three buttons down the front.  Use a variety of top hats, beanies, earmuffs, and scarves.
4.  Either hand write or use a printer to print the following poem to include with each ornament gift:
"These aren't just five snowmen,
as anyone can see.
I made them with my hand,
which is a part of me.

Now each year when you trim the tree,
you'll look back and recall
Christmas of 2010
when my hand was just this small."

Voila!  With only a couple of bucks and about an hour of your time, you'll have the most treasured ornament gifts for parents, grandparents, teachers, aunts, uncles...anyone who loves your child!  Many thanks to my friend, Katherine, who inadvertently left hers on the side of the road :0) ***oops!*** so that I could find it and copy it!


  1. So glad you girls like them! Yours came out great. My ornament came from the capable and loving hands of Mrs. Janel Hawley at the Port Charlotte United Methodist Church School. I am so glad it was saved by an angel and I will treasure it forever. I kicked myself for bringing it of my safe house, but since I have seen so many of them made by my friends it was all worth it to remember our little ones this precious season.

  2. It was risky of you to bring something so dear to your heart, but we're all so very glad you did! It's tucked safe and sound in a solo cup so that it cannot roll around and drop (I hope). Thanks for stopping by Punkin Doodle Dandy and for giving credit where credit is due! What a creative teacher Finn Man has, and one who knows just what a momma wants!